Audit & Assurance Services

Asset IQ provides field inspections, verifications and inventory auditing services for the equipment leasing, commercial lending, wholesale credit and floor plan financing industries.

Inspection Services

Our inspection service products are geared toward inspection and verification of collateral, equipment, and real property. Services include leased equipment inspections, general site inspections, business verifications, commercial collections, merchant cash inspections, and franchise inspections, along with a variety of asset and vehicle condition reports.

Audit & Inventory Management

While the concept of auditing remains essentially the same, we find that each customer has their own unique hot buttons. As such, we develop one-on-one relationships with our clients to create a customized audit program that leverages their existing processes and systems with our blend of industry-leading field services.

We seek to learn as much as possible about the business of our clients, their audit requirements, current methods, points of pain and back room processes to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Cloud Auditing Services